Coringa Biodiversity Management Committee (Special Mention)


The Coringa Biodiversity Management Committee (Coringa BMC) in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh is led by a dynamic Chairperson, Dadala Rani, who is also the Panchayat President. The BMC covers an area of 1148 ha near the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary. It has initiated various conservation measures which are paying good dividend.

Need for the Initiative

The BMC has support from the State Biodiversity Board and also the local administration. It has documented the biodiversity in the area in the People’s Biodiversity Register with financial support from project funds. The local people depend on agriculture, fishing and the mangrove forest ecosystem surrounding the village for their livelihood.

Conservation Initiatives and Impacts

A compost manure facility is being developed as well as a bio-park and a medicinal plant garden in the urban area on land provided to the Panchayat. Along with the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department, the BMC is involved in protecting Olive Ridley turtle nesting grounds. The BMC benefits from an ABS agreement entered into between the State Biodiversity Board and M/s Venketeswara Ayurveda Nilayam. This company accesses the seeds of Tricosanthes. The BMC members have been on a few exposure visits to other BMCs. They also maintain a small seed bank.

Contact person: Dadala Rani Tel: 7569788975 Email: (Facilitator)