Since 2011, Coromandel International Limited (CIL) has been protecting a wetland region comprising 100 acres of water bodies and a 300-acre green belt in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh to make it an ideal bird habitat. Thanks to these efforts, the area has developed into a large breeding site for grey herons, painted storks, darters and open billed storks. It is also a roosting site for 24 long-distance migratory species.

Need for the Initiative

The company has created a near-natural environment for the birds. The Bunding method was adopted and shelters were made in waterlogged areas for protecting the wetland ecosystem. The water bodies consist of storage tanks, natural low-lying areas and mudflats. This makes them an ideal habitat for fish, aquatic insects and emergent vegetation, thus providing the necessary food for the birds.

Conservation Initiatives and Impacts

Awareness has been created among fishermen by putting up sign boards indicating ‘No Fishing’ and ‘Silent Zones’ in the bird-nesting areas. The site has been fenced and a security force set up to prevent poaching and provide ecological safety. The surrounding area has been afforested using local species. CIL organizes street plays and video shows to create awareness among the public, conducts bird surveys and bird census and arranges staff training on avi-faunal identification. During the Philin and Hudhud cyclones in 2013 and 2014 respectively, CIL rescued a large number of birds and provided veterinary care till they were revived. The wetland attracts a large number of foreign and Indian tourists and bird photographers. Local schools hold awareness generation programmes for students. The company’s interest in biodiversity conservation is noteworthy. As a bonus, CIL staff benefit from the serene and verdant ambience of the restored habitat.

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